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FIVE STARS   I DAREd and I Recommend You DARE Too

By Sheriff N. Osni on October 13, 2015

Format: DVD-ROM

The DARE Matrix DARE Stands for Desire, Accurate Thinking, Resources, and Execute DVD 1 – Desire DVD 2 – Accurate Thinking DVD 3 – Resources DVD 4 – Execute Free Bonus Episode on YouTube – Goals The DARE Matrix is a Hollywood level cinematography of well composed audiovisual compilation of many renowned authors and speakers in the field of leadership, and self and professional development. The DARE Matrix is not visually appealing or stimulating as Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, but nevertheless professionally developed and produced, and all the episodes can be fully enjoyed either by watching or by listening to them without missing the main point. I consider the DARE Matrix as valuably entertaining while educational and motivational set to listen to many times over similar to LIFESCAPES’ Sunny Escapes Just Relax Maui DVD & CD Collection that contains breathtaking footage from the island of Maui set to relaxing music. I play the DARE Matrix on a daily basis and listen to it even as background audio that invigorates me, energizes my senses, and lights my fire. I highly recommend it and I hope it has the same effects on you.


FIVE STARS Nightingale and Conant, You have Succeeded Again with this program, “The Dare Marix”.By Henry H. Morales on October 6, 2014  Format: DVD-ROM Verified Purchase

The Dare Marix, is an amazing library, of the top 5% educators in almost all the areas of life. From wealth, health, business, goal setting, etc. I am telling you people, that if you invest in this program, you will save about “50 years” of your own life, in time, money and experience, in looking for ways to succeed. I know, because my name is Henry Hamilton Morales, and I started with nightingale (in 1966, 33rpm”record’s” in those day’s) programs. I was 24 yrs old…. am now 73 yrs old, and I have been a nightingale customer, off and on for the past 49 years. It has helped me and my family, in all areas of our life’s. Thank you Nightingale/Conant for this wonderful service. Sincerely, Henry Hamilton Morales, San Antonio, Texas. Ps I even got a thank you letter from Earl Nightingale. What a great man.


By Mr Cool on July 4, 2014  Format: DVD-ROM Verified Purchase

Buy it, Play it and keep playing it till you succeed.


FOUR STARS Better than expected Review by Dr. Duke Rogers

While most motivational speakers are full of it. Joe Nuckols is a great speaker. Really felt like he was talking directly to me. This will change your outlook. (Posted on 4/10/2015)