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Can a movie change your life?

The DARE Matrix Movie can.

DARE to unlock the 4 Power Principles of The DARE Matrix to enter a whole new dimension of opportunity, control, and success! Where do you find dreams fulfilled? Where can you realize all of your personal and professional expectations? You find them beyond your everyday actions. Just outside of your comfort zone. Somewhere that inspires your absolute best… but where you’ve just never dared to go. You find them in The DARE Matrix.DARE Matrix at Amazon


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DARE Episode on GOALS.

Years from now, you’ll see your life as two chapters:
BEFORE you watched this movie, and
AFTER you watched it.

Start living your AFTER life

“AFTER.” There’s perhaps no word as magical in your journey to your most important goals. It’s the “after” photos of thin and ripped people that motivate people to lose weight and get healthy. It’s the “after” results of a millionaire’s massive investments that inspire people to earn more and invest. Where you are now — BEFORE — you are filled with passion, hopes and desires. But as much as you crave those new opportunities, the so-called success secrets you’ve tried have seemed to fall flat. Fortunately for you, today marks the end of your “Before” life… and the start of your “AFTER” life. Command more wealth, more respect, greater health and greater success. All of those wants, needs, hopes and desires that have been central to your heart and mind all these years will now suddenly be within reach. And rather than settling for just one or two of your highest ambitions…

You can expect to have them all.

What is it you want so bad you can taste it? Money, power, position, fast cars, sex, big home, or just peace are motivating forces. Getting it requires one thing. The new free movie from Nightingale Conant based on Goals has the answer. Hundreds of fast paced videos are used to showcase powerful messages from best selling experts such as:

Wayne Dyer, Joe Vitale, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy along with proven principles from Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale and Think and Grow Rich author, Napoleon Hill are featured in the one hour free movie below.

Jim Rohn talks about the pull of the future and shares one reason to set a goal to become a millionaire. It’s a reason you won’t find anywhere else in the get rich schemes.

Find out how to attract anything you want from Joe Vitale, expert on The Law of Attraction. See how a famous Hollywood superstar used the principle to shatter earnings and box office sales records.

Understanding what a goal is instead of what a requirement is sets into motion the power to get more of what you want faster and easier.

Goal setting is highly misunderstood, just as dealing with the past is. Forgetting the past is over rated. Organizing the past is critical. Putting problems and failures in perspective changes those powers into goal setting tools that will organize your future, putting you in control. The movie explains those basic misunderstandings so you can set goals that you will achieve

This bonus movie on GOALS is a free episode, no forced opt-in  to need to register, just your willingness to see goal setting in a powerful motivating message.

Seeing is believing and dramatic video scenes in this new movie drives home life changing potential.

From the first minute to the last, it’s arguably the most influential and life-changing messages ever created. And by presenting it in a movie format, all you have to do is watch, listen, and grow

If you enjoy this hour on GOALS, you will love the four hour episodes on the full DARE Matrix Movie.

DARE     Desire – Accurate Thinking – Resources – Execute

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Want proof that goals work?

In the Dare Matrix Movie, Zig Ziglar tells the incredible story of Japan’s ability to set goals from becoming number one in textiles, steel production, car manufacturing, and consumer electronic. All accomplished without resources after World War II.

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